Top 10 Things to Include in a Job Change Announcement

When people switch jobs, they often will announce the news on LinkedIn. Within these LinkedIn posts, here are the top 10 things people most frequently include:

   1. The name of new company.

   2. The title for the new role you are taking.

   3. The date you will start your new job.

   4. A few lessons you learned at your previous company. For example, one lesson could be the value of taking time off to recharge.

   5. The things you will miss most about your previous company. For example, people will often mention missing their colleagues when they switch jobs.

   6. The list of colleagues to thank from your old company. Changing jobs is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with your colleagues from your old company by thanking them for their support and mentorship while you worked there.

   7. Any time off you are taking or special things you plan to do between switching jobs.

   8. A few people that you will be working with at your new company.

   9. Any reasons you wanted to join your new company versus pursuing other new opportunities. For example, you might be particularly excited by your new company's mission or the opportunity to manage a bigger project.

   10. Encouragement for other to explore new opportunities when they are ready. If you are a manager, you can include roles you are hiring for at your new company.

Job Change Announcement Generator for LinkedIn

To help you get started with your job change annoucement, you can use the generator below. The generator will give you some starting text that you can further personalize and then share on LinkedIn to let your network of peers know about your job change.

Old Company Name

New Company Name

New Role Title

List of People to Thank

Years At Your Previous Company