HR Jargon Glossary

Check out the list below to see terms and concepts that human resources teams are using in the workplace.

Word: Put Some Time on Your Calendar

Definition: Schedule a meeting with somebody.

Example: I think we should talk about the project in more detail next week. I'll put some time on your calendar where we can discuss how to make the project a success.

Word: Friendly Reminder

Definition: A polite phrase said before asking somebody to do something that you already asked them to do before.

Example: This is just a friendly reminder. Please complete the compliance training by the end of the week.

Word: Have An Ask

Definition: When a person has a request for another person to do something.

Example: When you have time today, I have an ask for you. I need to get a link updated on our marketing site. Please let me know if that is possible to get done.

Word: Backfill

Definition: The process of hiring somebody new to work in a role that a person just left.

Example: We need to backfill this role quickly because it is client-facing. The customer wants somebody to meet with them weekly to discuss how to better use our software within their company.

Word: C-Suite

Definition: Term used to describe high-ranking executives within a company.

Example: Let's target our sales outreach at the C-Suite level.

Word: KPI

Definition: Acronym for key performance indicator.

Example: Let's make sure we define our KPIs for the next business year.

Word: Jump On A Call

Definition: Join a conference call or a video call for a meeting.

Example: Let's wrap up this meeting soon. I have to jump on a call with a potential customer to demo our product and answer any questions the customer might have.

Word: Salary Requirements

Definition: How much an employee wants to be paid for a new job.

Example: Can you please share your salary requirements?

Word: Relocaton Package

Definition: Money given by an employer to a new employee to move to the city where the employer is based.

Example: Did the company offer you a relocation package?

Word: Ran Over Time

Definition: This term refers to going over the allotted time for an event, such as a phone call or a meeting.

Example: We ran over time, but please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

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