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日: 09/28/2023

語: Close It Out

意味: 何かを完了としてマークします。

例: This task has been fixed, so let's close it out within the task tracker.


日: 09/27/2023

語: Put Some Time on Your Calendar

意味: 誰かとの会議をスケジュールします。

例: I think we should talk about the project in more detail next week. I'll put some time on your calendar where we can discuss how to make the project a success.

日: 09/26/2023

語: Happy Path

意味: システムを設計するとき、これはユーザーがたどる予想されるパスです。

例: The user did not follow the happy path, but unexpectedly clicked on a button at the bottom of the page. When the user clicked the button, the site didn't work as expected. We only tested the happy path, but we should have considered what would happen if the user did something else.

日: 09/25/2023

語: Have An Ask

意味: 人が他の人に何かをするように頼むとき。

例: When you have time today, I have an ask for you. I need to get a link updated on our marketing site. Please let me know if that is possible to get done.


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